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Rashin Group, besides producing authentic art that symbolizes Iranian taste, also adjusts its artistic production to suit the needs and needs of the target market and has the ability to design and produce world-class orders.


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Khatam is a combination of regular polygons with a number of different sides (three, five, six, seven, octagon or ten) that are made with different raw materials in different colors.



The engraving art of engraving and the ability of the engraver to refer to metal objects is characterized by copper, gold, silver, and brass to serve the pen and the hammer.



The artist in this art paints his designs on cotton and silk fabrics





Gabbeh is a type of carpet and like the carpet weaving is very artistic value. Nowadays, it has attracted many fans all over the world.




Glim is a type of carpet without lint that is caused by the twisting of the fabric. The cotton and wool yarn is often woven into silk yarn and its wool is used for wool, colored wool and silk.



Enamels is an art that draws on pen, drawings on copper, silver and gold containers. The background color is blue, green and sometimes red .


Traditional arts and crafts are part of a shared global culture, and the concept of a global village and the connection of cultures in these works of art. Handicrafts today attract large audiences from all over the world and their role in the social, economic and cultural interactions of nations is very significant.



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When you buy a genuine, classic work of art, in fact you have made a sure and lasting commodity, you are buying a piece of the pure history and experience of a culture, you are buying thousands of hours of valuable art experience.

Classical art is a capital commodity due to its high quality materials, unique durability and style, and most of all due to its elaborate and non-copyable style and quality, according to Rashin Group’s brand of precision and precision. Too much of this collection to produce great works of art in such a way that these works are valued and credited at regional and global auctions, the purchase of these works is a sure investment that the price of the product is assured by the quality and credibility of the institution and artist. Is always on the rise.

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How to order products from this group?


If you would like to order a product , simply send the product code and number to the Rashin Group email (via the button below) or through the form to receive the required response (price and delivery time) in the shortest possible time. .

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